Our History


In 1991, a group of Cursillistas in San Bernardino was inspired to start the Cursillos in Christianity Filipino Group in the Diocese of San Bernardino.  As a result, Class No. 1 was held at Tepeyac House in San Bernardino.  Over the next few years, there were four classes: two for men and two for women.

After the completion of the four classes, the acting spiritual director, Deacon Rick Santuyo was recalled by his bishop to return to Guam.  Due to his absence and the lack of formal organization, the activities of the movement ceased.  

Cursillistas who were involved in the San Bernardino Group remained active in the Diocese of Los Angeles and San Diego by regularly serving during the weekends.  As the number of Cursillistas from San Bernardino increased, a desire to further support and spread the movement continued to grow as well.

In 1997, a dozen Cursillistas met, studied, planned and prayed fervently. They reorganized the San Bernardino Cursillo with the mentality of keeping the methods of the original founder intact.  Fr. Arturo Balagat, a graduate of Class No. 3, became the acting spiritual director at that time.

Between 1997 and 1999, an interim Secretariat was formed and the movement's mission statement was laid out parallel to the Bishop's pastoral plan.  For the first time, the group was affiliated with the National Secretariat and Region XI Cursillo.  Over forty Cursillistas attended workshops, conferences, and training to learn more about the movement.  With the help and encouragement of the Region XI Service Team from San Diego and L.A., the Cursillos in Christianity Filipino Group was successfully formed.

In the Jubilee Year 2000, Cursillos in Christianity Filipino Group in the Diocese of San Bernardino resumed its activities by holding Class No. 5, a Men's Class followed by Class No. 6, a Women's Class, at the Divine Word Center in Riverside.  Since then, they have held two classes each year, one for men and one for women.  Presently, we have nearly 1,000 Cursillistas on our roster and, with the Grace of God, the roster continues to grow each year.