3-Day Proper

Be a Friend!  

The second stage of the Cursillo Movement is the Cursillo Weekend.  The literal meaning of “Cursillo” is “short course”.  Therefore, a Cursillo weekend consists of a short course in Christianity that lasts from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon.   

During this three-day weekend, candidates will have the opportunity to listen to talks, attend daily Mass, participate in the Sacraments, and spend some time with the Blessed Sacrament, all while fostering friendship with a community of Christians. Through God’s Grace and the efforts of the Holy Spirit, the encounter with Christ and the weekend experience will enable candidates to know what is fundamental to living a Christian life.  

What happens during a Cursillo weekend is not intended to be a secret.  However, in order that everyone can have their own personal encounter, without false interpretation or misconception, we ask those who have already lived their weekend to refrain from sharing too much.  A Candidate’s Sponsor is encouraged to provide the necessary answers for their candidate.