School of Leaders


The School of Leaders (SOL) is the cornerstone of the Cursillo Movement.  It is through the School of Leaders that each Cursillista is able to learn more about our faith, the Church, evangelization, and about the Cursillo Movement itself. A few methods used at every School-of-Leaders to foster learning include prayer, group reunion, technique talks, doctrinal talks, activities, music, powerpoint presentations, videos, discussions, etc.  

Another School-of-Leaders Task is preparing Rollistas via the Rollo Mentoring Program as well as encouraging Cursillistas to be able to identify themselves as Rollistas and/or Mentors through the rollo program introduction at our Annual Mentee/Mentor Mixer.  

Our School is mobile and is hosted by different Ultreya Centers throughout the Diocese of San Bernardino. Our SOL Chairpersons strive to incorporate current topics to assist our fellow Cursillistas to persevere & be effective Catholic Christians in our immediate environments in a vibrant, interactive, & informative way.   

Find out how your attendance to SOL can enrich your personal formation, aid to recognition of your own leadership abilities & help develop your friendships with fellow Cursillistas.  

Some topics covered in previous sessions include:  


A. Friendship in the Scriptures Part 1: Christ is True Friendship

B. Group Reunion: Cursillo Friendship at the Personal Level

C. Ultreya: Cursillo Friendship at the Social Community Level  


A. Making a Change in 2019: Effective Cursillo Resolutions  


A. Social Media: Cursillista Stewards, Enhancing Evangelization 

B. Friendship in the Scriptures Part 2: After the Ascension 

3/2019 (Program in progress)