Post Cursillo

Bring that Friend to Christ!  

Although the Three Day Weekend is essential to the overall experience, it is not the end of the journey.  Postcursillo is the third stage of the Cursillo Movement and is designed to renew, accelerate and perfect the conversion of each of those who have experienced the three-day weekend.  The Postcursillo is there to provide the means to persevere as each person strives to live the Christian life within his or her unique place in the church and in the world.  The basic means of perseverance are Group Reunion and Ultreya.  

Group Reunion The gathering of a small group of friends with whom they can share their lives, the life each of them is leading as an individual Christian.  The sharing focuses on the individual interior life (their call to Holiness/Piety), Christian study (their Formation/Study) and evangelistic efforts (their Evangelization/Action).  Ultreya  

When the members of friendship groups come together in order to form a larger community, providing for the good of the community.  The Ultreya is the place for us to receive the nourishment needed for the spiritual and evangelical journey.